14.02.2019 | Cambo news

Cambo's New Heat Pump

Cambo's New Heat Pump

Reliable heating and hot water at last!

Last year we completed the installation of our brand new water source heat pump which has replaced numerous oil and gas boilers as well as numerous electric immersers in the house with one giant, super efficient heating and hot water system.

The installation which was commissioned in 2015 was finally completed in 2018 and won the National Heat Pump Award in 2018. Since then Cambo has enjoyed renewably sourced heating and hot water using heat capture technology in the Cambo burn that runs past the house.

Whilst the installation provided Stuan & Frances, and the installers with numerous new grey hairs, we got there in the end and are happy to announce that the system is ticking over nicely and providing reliable heating and hot water to Cambo house throughout the year.

Our ultimate design goal is to eliminate fossil-fuel dependency altogether. We can also integrate renewables and fossil fuel sources to ensure optimum overall efficiency.

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