30.04.2019 | Events

Fortune Favours the Brave

Fortune Favours the Brave


Fortune favoured the brave at this April's edition of Cambo's much loved festival, Cambolicious. With the weather forecast predicting the worst as we approached the Cambolicious weekend we were filled with trepidation, fearful of a washout. In the last couple of days before the festival however, the MET office suddenly changed it’s tune and by Friday evening they were predicting sunshine. Sure enough the sun came out and with the Cherry trees around Cambo in full blossom we were treated to a belter of a backdrop for our wee fest.

The competition was fierce but sporting on the Cornhole boards, Ladder golf and Axe throwing arenas while Gummi Bako and his gang of superbly talented musicians entertained the crowds and there were face-painted smiles all around. Such was the appetite of our festival goers that almost all of the ale and gin was finished by the time we wound things down. As our festival goers headed off into the mild spring evening, faces painted and head-wreath bedecked, the Cambo team sat back round the fire and reflected on the great day we had all had.

Thank you to all those who attended for coming and making Cambolicious the wonderful event that it was. We look forward to seeing you all again for our Winter edition on the 16th November.